provide incredible customer service

Smart Recipe Consulting knows the secret to delivering customer service that exceeds expectations.

increase revenue

Smart Recipe Consulting has the ingredients you need for your employees to build meaningful relationships with customers that lead to greater profits.

create brand owners

Smart Recipe Consulting has the recipe for winning the customer battle through highly engaged employees.

who we are

A dynamic duo with decades of large retail experience who understand all too well how employee interactions with customers can make or break a company.

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what we do

For companies large and small the Smart Recipe approach creates a joyful and engaged team that works smarter, delights customers, and boosts the bottom line.

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why it works

The premise is simple: When employees are happy, customers are happy.  Happy customers are more loyal, make larger purchases and increase your profits.

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We don't consult in a vaccuum.

Employee needs, organizational culture, team building, change management, recruitment and training are just a few of the issues facing organizations today. Let us show you how we can support your team to better meet these challenges.

the happy factor

All companies want to make their customers happy. We know the best way to make customers happy is to make employees happy.

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the money factor

It’s not about money. How do we know?  Because we’ve asked thousands of employees. And they told us.

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Our video-based training is your smart choice.

Our video training modules make complex issues easy to understand. These aren’t just theory. And they aren’t dry. They are engaging, practical guides. We provide action steps you and your teams can use immediately.

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Smart Empowerment is our “Secret Sauce for an exceptional workplace. Get strategies for increasing empowerment and delivering incredible customer service.

Learning and growing is a basic human need. The Smart Learning module provides a simple road map to increase employee competency and knowledgeable service.

We’ve created a step-by-step process that leads to lasting change and innovation. We show you how to imagine a solution for the customer and make it a reality.

Strengthen your organization’s culture of service based on a set of shared principles. Learn how to promote a “family feeling” through living shared values.

Make your own Smart Talent!

Customize this module to reflect your organization’s branding and culture.

smart recipe webinars

get even smarter

Each month, Smart Recipe Consulting brings you an in-depth discussion about important HR issues, such as empowerment, learning, employee needs, team building, recruitment, and leadership. Let us share our practical knowledge and proven processes with you.

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