Why it works

All companies want to make their customers happy. At Smart Recipe Consulting, we know the best way to make customers happy is to make employees happy. That’s right. Employees first. Do it and watch the happiness spread.

Happy employees love their jobs. They’re more productive. They are less likely to leave. They do their job with more passion and enthusiasm. They have better relationships – with their customers and with each other – because they treat others the way they are treated. They get customers to buy more and be more loyal. They become brand ambassadors. And they bring in other happy employees.

All of which makes management very very happy.

Over the years, we have seen these theories put into action with phenomenal success, as evidenced by 20 years on Fortune magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.

Who benefits from creating a great place to work?

  • Happy employees are less likely to leave, turnover costs are reduced and disruption to the team is minimized.
  • As a company’s reputation improves, hiring can be more selective because there are more candidates wanting to work there. The quality of the entire staff is elevated.
  • When managers are no longer spending their time dealing with multiple staff crises, they can focus on the job they were hired to do and think more strategically about the business issues they face.
  • When employees are happily working together, the entire organization benefits.